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Geoffrey J. McBride (aka “The General”)

Geoffrey J. McBride (aka “The General”) is the visionary and owner behind Endgame Boxing and Fitness. He got his start as a collegiate track and field D1 athlete. After his college career, Geoffrey coached at the high school and collegiate level before taking his love of fitness and making it his passion and life’s work in gyms across the Tri-State area. He has been an instructor who has held multiple management positions within the fitness industry for over 20 years, working in a variety of different environments.

Throughout his years of teaching, he has been given the moniker "The General, as he has a specific teaching style focused on bringing the best out of each individual he works with. He is very well established with certifications in boxing, strength and running (ACE, USATF Level I, Boxfit, USA Boxing, AAAI/ISMA). He is able to provide the highest caliber of programming and creativity with an infatuating energy.

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