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Why Boxing is One of the Best Workouts

Why Boxing is One of the Best Workouts
Posted on February 29th, 2023.

If you’ve watched boxing matches, whether on TV or in person, you'll notice that those fighting are typically in amazing shape. This is because boxing is an overall great exercise that works most of the major muscles in your body. Endgame Fitness and Boxing offers boxing classes as well as other types of workout classes that will help you get active and ready to transform!

In this article, we will mostly talk about boxing as opposed to the other classes we offer. This is a sport that many women still feel hesitant to try because it seems to be a very male-dominated sport. But boxing doesn’t have to be associated with fighting and pain; instead, it should be thought of as an endurance sport that targets and sculpts the entire body. At Endgame Boxing and Fitness, we focus on bag and pad boxing as opposed to boxing with an opponent.

But let’s talk more about why this is such a great workout as well as the reasons women shouldn’t be afraid to give it a shot!

Boxing sculpts most muscles

When you use your bodyweight to hit a bag that is resisting you, you are using a lot, if not most, of the muscles in your body, from your arms and torso to your legs and glutes. Boxing is a full-body workout during which you will feel and see your back, arms, core, hips, legs, shoulders and more. This makes it an amazing substitute for a full-body workout at the gym if you’re trying to change things up and make them more interesting.

Boxing burns a lot of calories

Since you are using every major muscle group in your body, you will burn a ton of calories when you box. Your cardiovascular health and endurance will increase as well. As a high-intensity cardiovascular activity, you’ll gain the benefits of HIIT workouts, such as burning calories after you workout; this is oftentimes referred to as the “afterburn” effect. Furthermore, as you build muscle, you will in turn speed up your metabolism, which helps you burn even more calories. Overall, boxing makes for a great workout for individuals trying to shed some extra pounds as well as for those wanting to build and sculpt their muscles.

Boxing is a great way to relieve stress

In today’s world, we all have a lot of stress, from career and home life to love life and much more. So much is demanded of us from our jobs, friends, family, and, frankly, of ourselves that your stress levels can be extremely high at times. In the long term, this can cause health conditions and a weaker immune system, so it is extremely important to find effective ways to destress. Boxing is one of the best ways to relieve stress. After all, there’s nothing quite like punching a bag and letting go of all your pent-up stress, anger and angst. Let it all out on the punching back and return to getting done what needs to be done without having to let all the buildup stress get the best of you.

Boxing will help you improve your overall health and fitness

Not only will you burn major calories and sculpt your muscles, but you’ll also improve your overall health. Boxing requires a lot of coordination, balance, strength, stamina, endurance, agility, and reactivity. When you engage in boxing, you will be improving every aspect of your health and well-being over time. This typically leads to a happier you and a more successful version of yourself in other aspects of life as well.

If you’re wanting to give the sport a try, you can always book a free trial class on our website and go from there without having to feel obligated to sign up for an entire membership.

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